Description of the tomato variety Mikron NK, growing method and characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Mikron NK, growing method and characteristics

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Those people who do not have their own plot or simply want to eat fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter, Mikron NK is the most suitable variety. It is grown on a windowsill in separate containers.

What is the variety

Growing tomatoes on a windowsill is not difficult, you just need to take seriously the choice of a plant that can yield a crop in cramped conditions.

Type characteristic:

  • The height of the bush is 10-13 cm.
  • Tomatoes come in 2 colors, yellow and red.
  • Fruit ripening period is 100-110 days.
  • They are resistant to cold and do not depend on daylight hours.


It is better to grow Micron NK tomatoes at home using seedlings. It is advisable to prepare the soil of the following composition:

  • 1 kg of black soil.
  • 200 gr. sand (preferably fine).
  • 100 g peat
  • Compost 1kg.

For 1-2 hours before sowing, treat the land with boiling water with the addition of potassium permanganate.

The seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. The first day they are covered with polyethylene, then they are opened and placed on a sunny window. A maximum of 5 days will pass, and the first shoots will appear. The air temperature should be + 22-25 ⁰C during the day, and + 15-17 ⁰C at night.

When the first leaves appear, the temperature is reduced to +20 ⁰С. At the same time, it is advisable to ventilate the room. Not forgetting about humidity, waterlogging threatens the development of "Black Leg".

In general, the cultivation of tomatoes "Mikron NK" does not differ from other varieties of tomatoes, they must be dived at phase 2 of a true leaf. It does not need pinching and a garter.

Care rules

Agricultural requirements that are recommended to be fulfilled in order for tomatoes to grow and give an excellent harvest:

  • Correct watering. Regular and timely watering will lead to the fact that the plant will form ovaries, grow well and the fruits will ripen together. If there is not enough water, the ovary falls off, and excess moisture leads to the development of diseases. It is best to water it 2 times a week. There should be a little water, it is desirable that it does not get on the plant. While the tomatoes are blooming, watering is stopped, after the ovaries begin to fill, it is resumed. It is best to use boiled water for tomatoes. Of course, after cooling it down.
  • Shine. It is best that the window sill on which the pots are placed is on the south side. At the same time, periodically, 1 time in 2 days, the containers are turned 180⁰. This is done so that the plant does not deform and grow evenly. Mikron NK does not depend on lighting, so no additional lamps are required.
  • Top dressing. They begin with the period of growing seedlings. After the pick, on the 3rd week, the first feeding is carried out. At the same time, special compositions of fertilizers, mineral or organic, are introduced. This procedure is carried out on the 2nd day after watering.
  • Pollination. Sometimes you need help with pollination. It is enough to lightly shake the plant.

Opinions of those who tried to plant Micron NK tomatoes

Tomato varieties grown on windowsills are very diverse. Each gardener has his own opinion on this, which one is the best. Here's what they say about this species.

  • Vanilla. I planted different varieties of tomatoes. Mikron NK is considered the best in this category. The fruits are very small, fragrant, but slightly sour. I like to decorate the dishes of the festive table with them. All guests are surprised and ask if they can be eaten. They look very nice on windows as decorations.
  • Irina. I tried to grow it - nothing came of it, the tomatoes did not yield. In my opinion, they were very hot and dark.

Mikron NK is perfect not only for enjoying your own harvest in the middle of winter, but also for decorating your home space.